Wow. So, wow. I forgot all about this page. Okay, hopefully I can remember and do it faithfully, maybe once a week. Anyway, I have so much to spill that has happened over the past 8ish months.
Um, well, for starters, I have become a member of the most exciting church I’ve ever been to. I love Every Nation Tallahassee. I see God working in the lives of every pastor. And the pastors, by the way, are pretty awesome as well. The worship is always filled with the presence of God, the messages relevant to EVERY walk of life, and the people are *kiss fingertips* perfecto!. I have learned and been challenged and grown as a result of my church, and I wouldn’t change it for any other.
Personally, I’ve broken through some crazy barriers, changed how I identified myself, and met other college students honestly walking out the life of the narrow path set before them. That may be a lot for a second post. But it’s what I got right now. I’m excited for responses. Oh, and some of our fantastic campus ministers on this site as well. Soon as I get their permission I’ll post their links. Meanwhile, gonna do some Spanish then hit the hay. G’night!