How many times have we heard that? Well, it is actually one of the greatest things you could do with your free time. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. It keeps you from looking at all the CRAP on the internet, including struggles or impure websites.
2. When people reference Scripture, or you hear a Christian song, you know for yourself that it came from the Bible.
3. Gives you a better clarity into some of the things Christians have and why. (joy, peace, etc.)
4. Dude, God wrote you a book…that’s just cool.
5. God will speak to you through it. Maybe from reading a story, or the words of Jesus.
6. It is a literal Handbook for Life and Decision Making.
7. There are instances of pretty much every situation in the Bible. Precedents have been set, we just have to find and follow them.
8. You can say “I JUST read that!” and mean it.
9. There is an entire book on wisdom.
10. It’s the ultimate truth, and it is steady. You can go to it and ignore everything else you hear from the world or others.

Okay, so that was slightly more than a few, but you get the idea. And reading it every day, at about the same time, is what is called a ‘Devotional’. Devotional time is just committing time, energy, and attention to God. Whether praying, reading the Bible, worshiping, speaking Scripture out loud(confessing Scripture) or all of the above. It’s pretty important to spend time with God every day. I mean, when you’re in love with someone, you kind of like hanging out with them. Even if you just like to be around someone, you try to enjoy their company as much as possible, right? Well, God wants to spend time with you. At any time you have God’s undivided attention. Cool? Oh yeah.

And if you aren’t sure what to say to God, just start talking. (Prayer is talking to God)Talk about the weather, your classes, your job, your day, family. Anything. Just hearing your voice and having your attention is what He wants. Tell Him about your problems, your issues, pet-peeves. Whatever. He is enraptured by you. He thinks you’re the coolest person next to Jesus. Spend some time with Him.

Read your Bible with renewed vigor today. Ask God to show you something as you read. Talk to Him all the time. Find something you want to learn about and read up. I’ve heard the Bible called a 66 book love letter. Read your Beloved’s passionate, inspiring, loving letter today.