Yelloooo to the blogging world. I, yours truly, have just found out what minor I want. I am going to pursue a minor in Child Development. I like kids, I may work with kids, and kids are everywhere. Also, plan on having some of my own, so yeah.

Oh, guess what? I plan on going on my FIRST missions trip this summer. To Baja, Mexico. I am very excited. I wonder what God’s going to do in my life so that I can be of any use during the trip…only what I let Him right? Well, I give Him full range, a carte blanche to make Lexi useful for the Kingdom. So yeah, my first time trying to raise support and a team, but I have no fear, for God is with me. Hey, if you don’t get a letter, you can still support me!

Anyway, I am done with my classes for the day. Just gonna maybe do some more laundry, read my Bible and then do some pre-final flash cards or something. Oh, I have some chemistry homework and I need to read my lab manual for the quiz tomorrow. But other than that, I am DONE! Well, gonna grab some lunch.