So, yours truly, is having a bit of a dilemma. I am satisfied with my Lord. I am continually learning what His love really means and how deep it is.

But one of the things I want is to have a family. I know that God will bring it about (according to His will, of course), and I’m not impatient, but I catch myself thinking about my future husband. Not that that’s a bad thing. And I’m not obsessing or anything. I just really want to be completely sold out for Christ before I even begin to accept the affections of another. Anyway, moral of the post, I want to stop thinking about my romance life with a man, and focus on the One who is currently enraptured with me.

I also feel that God showed me my husband’s face, so throw that in…do you see my trouble? I feel like I’ve seen my husband, want a family pretty badly, yet don’t feel ready to deal with a marriage right now.

But something one of my friends opened my eyes to is the fact that maybe that thought is supposed to be there, just hanging out in the back of my head. So, please add me to your prayer list: that I can balance between focusing on God and preparing to be the wife God would have me be-without getting distracted by my future beloved.

Make sense? I have of course been bringing it to God’s throne continually, but a little extra prayer goes a long way in this Kingdom.

Okay, coming to a close…Help.