So, remember the friend from a few posts back? Well, he came to church with me on Easter and said he was really glad he came and that he enjoyed the service. Praise God!

He(my friend) seems to understand Christianity much better now. (This one’s for you Liz, I almost put ‘a lot better’.) He doesn’t doubt that Jesus was fully God and fully man, I praise God for this. Prayer works! Keep it coming Lord!

Moving on, my church was giving away books titled “The Case for Easter.” So i grabbed one and gave it to him. Crossing my fingers he’s touched by God speaking through the book. Anywho, I have started a topic called ‘Lost and Found’ and here I will put all of my updates about those who I personally know that are lost, seeking, and/or found. Stay tuned, should be a fun ride. Continuing to walk in faith. My God is MAJESTIC!

Glory Glory Glory!