Now I’m running to your mountain, where your mercy sets me free. You are my STRONG TOWER! EVERLASTING KING!

I know I am, running top speed. So, you ever do something that seems pretty okay, but after you’ve done it, this thought runs through your head : That was DUMB!

Well, as I shared with my life group last night, I have. The one i told them about was when i was trying to move the mattress of my bed to be better situated on the frame. Well, I didn’t want to get off the bed, so I just grabbed the top of the mattress and tried to use my body and weight to move the mattress forward a few inches…Then my fingers slipped, the mattress didn’t move, and I slammed the top of my head on the wall. Immediately thinking…”That was DUMB!”

Well, now my story is a little different, but with the same ending thought. Someone asked to take me to dinner for my birthday. Okay-Red Flag. Yeah, I ignored it. So then, one of my friends is a little confused as to why it will just be the two of us. That flag holder is frantic now. Hmm, fast forward to the next day. One of my brothers (in Christ) says “You’re going on a date?!” And I implode. My excuses and explanations falling well short of defending a ‘just friends’ get together. God is now jumping up and down, going “Look at me baby! I’m flagging you! You told me to let you know. Hey! Over here! PAY ATTENTION!”

So, I call my Mom, talk to Liz(who was surprised I didn’t pray about it first-thanks sister!), and consult God, finally. Why did it take me so long to go to Him? Oh, probably because I knew what that result would be. Yeah, pretty shocked I accepted the invitation. You know the line by now “Man…that was DUMB!” So anyway, now I see all the flags God threw at me. I’m so thankful that He’s interested in every aspect of my life. Praise God for keeping me from making mistakes. Whew! Glad I got that off my chest.

Don’t worry, I am going nowhere but to praise my God and hear His word preached tonight. Amen to God keeping me. Amen to being obedient (and sooner next time). Amen for my brothers and sisters. HALLELUJAH to my Lord, God and King.

(Sorry I went a little CAP crazy this post. But I had to get it out there.)

Oh, saw my husband’s face again today. Nice looking guy.