Set scene: God in the presence of His holy angels, Christ the King, and four and twenty elders. Day one of the ENCM 15 days for 15 weeks-fast for FSU revival. The only big G-od, “Well, well, well-what have we here? A group of people called by my Name, fasting, praying, crying out to me to bring revival and salvation to their campus. Hm, well, I guess we’ll just see how this pans out.”

That’s is so what I want. I want God to look down upon this campus, see the light that we are, and test and wait on our faith and determination so that He can see how serious we are and how our hearts break for our campus. Wahoo!

Day one, as everyone is blogging, is going well. I grabbed a V8 (careful, some of them have blended veggies on them!) and I feel pretty good. About to get in the Word, catch a quick snooze and then studying til Rez Week tonight. So, stay strong and stay with God. Oh, verse of the day Psalm 28:6-8. Good stuff. Kay, talk to you guys later.