Hey, this is a list of the prayer direction for the fast, as a reminder to you and also to myself. I took this from Roberto, who got it from Ross…who got it from God. Anywho, enjoy!

  • Revelation of who God is and intimacy with Jesus
  • Deep brokenness and conviction over our sins
  • That people would be set free of bondages and sins that are holding them back
  • For demonic strongholds of religion, sexual immorality, drunkenness and substance abuse to be broken off our campus
  • For waves of repentance and salvation to sweep across our campus
    That Christians and non-Christians would wake up from their spiritual slumber
  • That God would manifest supernaturally through us and to us through dreams, visions, and miracles
  • For Christians to live committed lives to Christ and his kingdom
  • Pray that apathy would be broken off of this generation
  • For a boldness to come on believers at FSU and the fear of man to be broken off
  • Simply put, REVIVAL. That God would show up in a way He never has before at FSU

Save the campus Save the World!!!