Greetings family, how is everyone doing this beautiful day? It was a little chilly this morning, but it has warmed up, to what Collyn says is hot, I think it’s great. So, today I am doing alright. I have felt a little hungry, but not enough to even want to eat. I would say MILD discomfort. When I was walking to my roommate a little earlier, my stomach growled something loud, but I don’t feel hungry, just slightly dissatisfied, and my God can take care of that.

Here’s something cool: I have already had TWO conversations with people who had issues that they had not previous told anyone about…WOW! And I feel that God was able to speak to them by using little ol‘ me. It’s day 2! One last night and another today. God is already using this hollowed out vessel for His perfect Will. I thank God for the humility and wisdom that He is constantly growing in me. I mean…wow! You guys don’t get it. Not even 24 hours in and He’s well beyond answering some of my small prayers. Like, if I only slept for 4 hours, praying that I would feel well rested, letting me get up early to study for a test, that people would stop offering me food…(my roommate keeps forgetting and offering me food or inviting me to eat with her at Suwanee)

So, that there proof is WELL-WORTH me feeling hunger for a bit. I’m gonna steal from Rajat and say: In fasting you are basically saying “I’m not going to satisfy myself with food but with God”. Amen Brother! Oh, quote of the day Ezekiel 22:30. Pray that that is not true of THIS nation, of THIS campus, of THIS body of believers. Amen? Amen!

Love you all, stay steady. Oh, and I got a text about Praise and Worship at Joel’s tonight at 8:30. See you there!