I am feeling a little discouraged. Near tears I think. I mean, I KNOW I’m not supposed to complain or be easily offended, but right now, I just feel like…’crap’. I didn’t have a very good fasting experience today, and I’m even feeling weak now, which may account for the emotion-increased heart rate, elevated body temperature, increased acidity of the blood-anyway, I am just not happy right now. Happiness is circumstantial, joy is not. I know and understand that, but shoot I’m irritated. I know at times I expect too much out of people, and I knew what the reaction would be, but man it’s still hurtful.

Anyway, not feeling very motivated right now. Ugh, this is stupid. I mean, I know I will be over it very soon, but I am just, ugh, I don’t even know. I’m just very stinkin’ discontent right now! I guess I should pray, but man I would rather just speak what’s on my mind, I can think of AT LEAST 5 scriptures to use-but I can’t because my emotion would seep through, and that’s not okay. *Deep breath* whatever.