Yo ho ho! How is everyone today? Swell I hope. Well, I am happy…no, I am JOYFUL. I heard an awesome on fire message from one of my brothers, Derek, and finished all of my homework, all before midnight! Haha! Praise God! You know, along with all that God is moving and changing inside of me, I am learning to appreciate the small things. Like genuine smiles, love from my brothers and sisters, security in my Messiah, something sweet on my tongue, comfort and warmth. I realize the luxury it is to eat when you’re hungry. The effect a hug has on my mood. Can I just take a moment to be honest?

I cherish every member of my Every Nation Family. From crazy Susan, out-there Ross, funny Donny to encouraging Roberto, shy Joel, awesome-accent Donna. I mean, ALL OF YOU are such a blessing to me. Every single one of you God is using to teach me something, ways I can improve, mannerisms to drop, verses to memorize. I appreciate the rebukes, the questions, the odd looks to some things I say. You are all amazingly fantastic and I love what God is doing in you!

Okay, so, I have been having a blast on this fast. I’ve walked into a few delicious smells, and had to run away. Haha. But otherwise, I feel fine and I know that God is moving in me. I don’t know, this is fun to me. Yeah, I want solid food, but it’s not a very big deal. I don’t know, fasting is hard, but I like it. The results and the process. I think that’s because I used to be bad at processes and order of events, because my life was glazed over due to the fact that I wasn’t living the life God called me to, and I was denying Him lordship over my life-so everything was a haze. Wow that was a long sentence. But yeah, so I enjoy all aspects of fasting, minus having to take it slowly afterward-but even in that I like being forced to moderate my actions. I LIVE for structure. I love set rules and procedures. Like medicine, I may not be ready for every case that comes in, but 9 time out of 10, there will be a procedure to follow, a way to wash my hands, papers to fill out, specific protective gear to wear, predictable. If I didn’t feel like crying when someone yells at me, I would make an excellent soldier. I love dedication, being enveloped by my task, and doing repetitive things. So, the military would be for me, if I wasn’t already part of a force that cannot be defeated.

So, point of this post: I love fasting. I love my family in Christ. I am learning. I am changing. God is doing it all. My Lord is Lord of ALL!
Reece’s voice: Amen?