I gotta tell you guys the vision God showed me as I began to pray around 4pm today. I was talking to God about my mission trip this summer, how NOTHING could ever make me doubt my security in Christ, absolutely nothing(I know it’s a strong statement). And to give me more of Him, more gifts, to stop limiting my faith, and this is what He showed me.

*Quotations=God. No quotes=me. Parentheses=what I saw*

“Alexia, you’re in a car on a highway. You’re speeding, but just above the speed limit. Those around you are going 200, 250 (mph) and you’re just over 100. What’s wrong with that?”

(I see my car, going about normal speed, but there are cars going around me, so fast I can barely see their color, just more than a blur.)

They’re going faster than me.


Because their Word is their fuel. The more they read it, the more goes into their gas tank, the faster they are able to go for longer amounts of time.

“Exactly. So what do you need to do?”

Read my Word more, so I can get more fuel, so I can go faster.

“Right. So you can all be going the same speed. “

(I see a line of cars, straight across, racing rapidly ahead, all lined up perfectly with each other)

“Then, My daughter, you can all stand and fight together against Satan for me, all able to fill each others tanks because you’re so close, all able to notice when another is slowing down, always able to keep your tanks full, because you’re pushing each other on. In a family like this, child, none will be left behind. Write it down.”

Yes, Sir.