So, after reading Joel’s post, I was like: God, can I have a vision?

He answered, “Sure” and began to speak to me. I bowed my head down and listened.

* ” “= God speaking* *anything else=me*

“There is a small tree by a stream. It had been planted for a while, but had not grown because no one was there to water it. One day, a small cloud came along, and watered the little tree. The tree began to grow. The cloud came back every day, and the little tree kept growing. One day, when the tree was about the size of a man, the cloud did not come. The tree waited another day, and yet the cloud did not come. Thirsty and growing weak, the tree pushed, strained, and grew one of its roots until it reached water. The tree received water from that root, and was satisfied. But only after 2 days, the tree was no longer satisfied with just receiving water from one root,, so it stretched another root in the same direction as the first, and was satisfied with two. But after a few days, 2 roots were still not enough. So the tree reached ALL of it’s roots to the same place the first 2 roots had gone. Finding that all of it’s roots were able to reach water, the tree realized that a flowing river that seemed to have no end was next to it all the time. And the tree could drink it’s fill, never going without, continually able to satisfy it’s ever-increasing thirst.”

“Do you now what this means?”

Um, kind of. The tree is me, the cloud is Jesus, wait, the stream is…

“The tree is the young believer. The cloud are the spiritual nursers, as with a small child, an infant yet to be weaned. The stream is My Son, Jesus.”

And the stream was there the whole time, able to be reached, if only we could realized it. Huh. God, can I just have a vision a day.

“Sure. You just need to listen.”