Alright, I know Liz did a post on chivalry, but I just gotta let you guys know about this.

Today, I was on Renegade (one of the campus buses) and I was sitting in one of the seats in the very back. Well, the bus got pretty full pretty quick, so people were standing in the aisle. Well, there were mostly men standing, but there were also quite a bit of ladies as well. Anyway, ONE guy got up and offered his seat to a girl. ONE! And no others followed suit. But anyway, my jaw about hit the floor. I wanted to give him a hearty pat on the back.

Point, I should not have been shocked. I should always want to show my support of his action, but I was very annoyed that more men did not get up and offer their seats to a woman. I mean, guys are all ‘big, bad and stronger’, well, give up your seat to the ‘weaker sex’. This post has no real reason except to say that I commend him. And he was SHORT, so he could barely reach the overhead poles, so he hung onto the back of the seats…WOW!

*side note: I slipped a piece of paper in a pocket of his book bag praising him and awarding him man points for that-just so he knows it wasn’t unnoticed.

I hope every other male on that bus was embarrassed(excluding the cripple, of course). It upsets me when men are not gentlemen. I have given up my seat for other women. Man up, males. Stand up!

I would have been proud to call that guy my friend in that moment. Bravo, stranger. Bravo!

Sorry, got carried away. Done.