I read Ezekiel 12 because I asked God for a verse to meditate on and that is what He gave me. I read a verse that said “I did as I was commanded.” And right before that I read Joel’s post about using our voices when told to.

God spoke to me, but all I can remember Him saying is this: “Child, don’t panic. I am with you. I want you to dream a dream. Of things to come. You will be a sign.”


I lay back and try to clear my mind. I see a mental image of what I just read in Ezekiel, then my mind wanders to Rush Hour 3, and I try to clear it. As I try to push those images out of my mind, I see two men, clothed in white, and standing tall picking up and throwing/shoving things to the side, clearing my mind for me, until it is just them in a straight white path ahead of me and they stand together and speak as one voice “Son of Man, your city will be shaken, your city will be rocked, and the Lord God will show Himself with signs and wonders. The promptings of the Spirit will be heavy upon you, and you will do as you are commanded. You will speak when told to speak, and be silent when told to keep silent. As you have made a covenant to the Lord, you are now called to fulfill it. This day, we call heaven and earth as witnesses against you. Do not break the covenant with the Lord your God.”

Then they raised their hands towards me, and said, “Be careful to do as you are commanded. God be with you.”

Wow, that is a heavy promise. As they were speaking about heaven and earth I was scared. What a great witness against me. I know this was a word from God, so please, if I post this, pray for me and give any feedback you can. I love MY GOD! Hallelujah. He reigns!