Here in Your presence I can’t help but come undone.
Trembling before You I am ruined by Your touch.
I see Your glory rising, as all the darkness flees,
I feel Your heart of mercy, to set the nations free.
I hear the cry of Heaven, “Who will go for Us?”
Here I am! Lord, send me! Here I am! Lord, I’ll go!

Yikes, sends shivers down my spine. I love worship songs. And the more I listen to them, the more I realize that many more than I thought come from almost pure Scripture. I feel very blessed by the Lord to be part of the church family that God sent me too. I also feel that every walk of life, color of skin, and musical preference is met at my church. I am not here to praise my church again, but this song got me going.

Anyway, in the past, I felt that the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible, Tenack or whatever other names Donny would like me to know it by) was a barely useful form of reference. I never thought it applied to me as a 21st century Christian, and I definitely didn’t think it was of any importance to me personally. But lately, since reading through the Bible, God has been teaching and telling me many things. A LOT of them that deal with the Old Testament…but ALL of them deal with me. He’s chosen verses out specifically for me, and except for church and ENCM events, I haven’t cracked open the New Testament in weeks. God is proving a point.

  1. ALL of His word is relevant and alive. ( 2 Timothy 3:16)
  2. Wisdom and lessons taught in the Old Testament are critical to my life in Christ.
  3. Jesus read and memorized much of it, who do I think I am?
  4. The New Testament makes NO SENSE outside of its ties to the Old Testament.
  5. It is on purpose that many of my visions are similar to those in the Old Testament.
  6. Pay attention, there’s so much more He has to tell me from the Old Testament, listen up.
  7. He till uses prophets and speaks to men face to face. Get ready.

So, yeah. I love it! I no longer flip right to the New Testament when I want to read my Bible. Instead, God will often lead me to Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Psalms. My Lord gave us so much wisdom and guidance, why did I think it was worthless? Anywho, pay attention! EVERY Scripture is God-breathed. And to me, that means well worth reading and loving. Keep seeking His face! I love you all with as much love as my little spirit can muster.

: )