No, I am not done with finals, so this isn’t an end of the year entry. But you know what I realized today?
I love my FREEDOM!

Take today, for example:

  1. Up at 7:30am.
  2. 2 final exams.
  3. Lunch in the union.
  4. Hung with Keith, Niegel and Phil a little.
  5. 3rd exam.
  6. Back to the room.
  7. Dinner and movie with Liz.
  8. Home at ~11:30pm.

Not once did I have to check in with anyone, make sure anyone had been fed, put to bed, assured of my love. I mean, wow what freedom! I now have a new revelation of what all the ministers are talking about! I don’t have any real responsibilities of my own yet.

Take the mission trip I’m going on in summer:
I don’t have to coordinate with my work.
I don’t have to check with my spouse.
I don’t have to make sure my kids are taken care of.
No bills to pay in advance.
I am completely free to just go as I feel God is telling me.

Doesn’t that blow your mind! I am finally embracing and understanding this whole ‘Season of Singleness’ deal! I mean… WHAT FREEDOM!!!

Man, praise God for new revelations and understanding. I pray that God continues to use me fully as a tool of the Kingdom while I still have all the free time, and none of the responsibilities of ‘adult life’.

I am amazed! I love my freedom!
WAHOO! Bring on the lost, Lord!
YOUR KINGDOM COME. My freedom used. Wahoo!!!

; )