So, i totally know that it’s has been well over a month since my last blog. i apologize. Also, this post won’t be grammatically correct or proper, sorry liz.

But i have experienced so much in the last 6 or so weeks. i have been outside of the country and way outside of my comfort zones. i have seen and heard some things that have upset me, and things that have brought me to tears. I am finding it hard to live at home again after 2 years of freedom and responsibility. And i am seriously missing all of you.

I hope to blog again soon. But i am still alive and kickinh satan’s butt. You guys are all still with me right?

Don’t lose your fire. I pray that each of you will not only fall in love with God again every week, but that you’ll be set on fire and others will catch. i miss and love you guys so much. Can’t wait to hear everything the summer has brought each of you. feel free to leave a comment.

oh, and i am so jealous of Supernatural Sundays! I wish i could come!

love love love love love you guys. Praying for you ALL.

Keep Christ as head and stay in line, sometimes it’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who’s always right-so work at it.

did i tell you i loved you already?

call me people. text me. see you guys soon.