Hey loved ones,
I miss writing in this blog. I have had a great time getting caught up with all the ENCM news and happenings, see you guys next weekend!
Anyway, here’s what I have been up to lately: Taking 2 classes this summer. Including a first aid class that I think should be really fun. Working part-time at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Acing my first math quiz (Praise God!) Not getting enough sleep. Writing, printing and soon-to-be sending out my mission trip newsletter. Praying.

So what’s the news with you guys. I miss all of you and can’t wait to come down next weekend. Oh, who wants to give me a ride to the Champions for Christ events?

Love you all. Oh, my phone is off right now, so if you’re trying to call…sorry. Hit me online and I’ll try to call you back within a day or so.
Did I say I loved you already? I reallt do guys, if you ever need anything, if you have to reach me by carrier pidgeon, I can be reached. Sleep well. Praying for you.