Many times, when we hear this phrase, we are immediately on the defensive, ready to rebut with “I don’t have a problem. What’s your problem?”

But my question to you tonight is: What is your problem? Where does your struggle lie? What keeps you from being honest with your Creator?

My problem, would have to be selfishness. From my sins to my song choices, it’s all about me. I was actually pretty convicted about this, to the point that I changed my facebook profile picture because the shirt I was wearing said: It’s all about me.

So, child of majesty, where does your problem lie? What is binding you to a complacency with a missed mark? What past issue, disobedience, person, or pastime prevents a greater intimacy with the King?

I read a verse today in James, that said if a believer didn’t have wisdom, he should ask for it, because God would freely give it, if he does not doubt.

I beseech you, Brother, I earnestly ask you, Sister, to ask God for wisdom in your life. Ask Him to reveal why you haven’t grown in 2 months, ask Him what you can do to make your witness more powerful. Inquire of the Lord what His good, pleasing, and perfect will is. Stand before the throne and ask God who you should be pouring your life into, praying for, checking up on.

This may seem unrelated to you, but if I only speak to one, if I only speak to myself, I will have listened to the gentle nudging of my Lord, and be working in the covenant I made with the One who breaks no promises.

I love you all. See you very, very soon. Hugs all around!

As said from a previous post:
What my life boils down to: Love my Lord, Obey my Master, Serve my King.

Goodnight, saints.