Where are you finding your identity?
Do you love your family and friends more than you love God?
Friends: Proverbs 12:26-A righteous man is cautious in friendship
1 Corinthians 15:33-Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”
In our circles, we should “Be a thermostat and not a thermometer.” Set the temperature, don’t confirm it.
Galatians 1:10 question, who are we trying to please, God or man? We are responsible for ourselves now.
Family: The 10 Commandments were written in a certain order, first to obey God, and then to honor our parents. Amy brought up that there is a big difference in honoring (respecting, serving, loving, being there for) our parents and pleasing them.
Moral: Don’t live your life to constantly please people, Jesus didn’t. John 5:1-9 Jesus upset, likely, the same religious leaders who he had studied under.
Quote time: “Any dead thing can go with the stream, but it takes a living thing to go against it.”
Do you love yourself more that you love God? Do you try to meet your own standards first or God’s standards? 1 Corinthians 8:6 encourages us not to live for ourselves, but for Jesus.
Romans 12:3
Psalm 139:14 – We have been MADE, we were created. Be identified by the one who created you.
How to practically find your identity in Christ:
1. Look at your state before God. Do you know God as well as He knows you?
2. Understand how much God loves you.
3. Read the Bible-know what God says about you.
4. Believe what God says about you. It is first a choice, and then a reality. The Epistles encourage us to TAKE HOLD of the promises of God.

  • Read into Scripture, don’t just read over it.

Lastly, God spoke this over us, Psalm 144:12-
Then our sons in their youth
will be like well-nurtured plants,
and our daughters will be like pillars
carved to adorn a palace.
Amy broke down the original Hebrew for us.
well-nurtured: This means that you are growing, developing, trained.
plants: This says that you are firmly established, fixed in a state of fellowship with God.
pillars: details and proportion depend on your Maker, you are supporters, you unite, you can be leaned on, you cannot stand alone. You are beautiful inside and out, you are made of something more than yourself. when attack comes at you, pillars, it will be in the form or isolation, because a pillar cannot stand alone. Demolishionists target pillars, because if the pillars fall, the whole building comes down. (think about that one for a moment) And pillars, lastly, become monuments, they are still standing long before the rest of the building collapses.
The word pillar, in the original Hebrew, can never be used alone, it must be used in a group, it is not singular.
Identity is so important brothers and sisters, because:
“How you view yourself directly affects who you are, what you will do, and how you will do it.”