So, had a couple crazy dreams last night, only one of which seems even remotely spiritual, and that is the one I will write here.

So, I am in my apartment, alone. It is dark and just overall gloomy outside, maybe even storming. Anyway, there is this man, dressed in dark colors, standing outside of my sliding glass doors. I know that he is a stalker. And not a ‘let’s have babies together stalker’. But a, ‘ if I ever get my hands on you I am going to kill you slowly’ stalker. So moving on, this guy is standing outside of my back door and he is completely scaring me. And, I don’t know if he says it or what, but he tells me something like, “If you think I’m scary, wait until you meet my brother.”

I go in my bedroom and close my door, as if that will keep him out.

So, next day (or whatever) I have notified the proper authorities that there is a man who knows where I live that is stalking me. They send someone and there is a lady security person outside of my front door with a podium. The original stalker guy comes to my front door and the security lady tells him that he has been identified as a stalker and cannot get into my house. At this point, I know he is outside and I am hiding behind my couch. (There are 2 couches parallel to each other.) After a few minutes, he charms her and she lets him in, and they sit on the couch and start to chat. I am pushing myself so far into the couch that I have almost become the couch. So, I move to behind the other couch in my apartment, incredulous that the lady let this psycho in my house. But there was no way I was allowing him to know that I was home.

At this point, I wake up and am told to say out loud, “I rebuke the spirit of fear.” But I don’t. Instead, I go back to sleep. I do not have the dream again.


So, a few things that I picked up on:
I am scared of something.
I am helpless in the dream.
I employ the help of unreliable, unprotective security.
Jesus told me to do something, and I did not.

If anyone can give me any more insight into the message that was my dream, it is greatly appreciated.
Love you all.