So, this is a poem I wrote this past summer. It was in response to something someone said to me and a conversation that he and I had. I came across it again and figured I should post it, enjoy.

I’m feeling a connection
I know you feel it too
But I can’t show you affection
Because of you know Who.
It’s bouncing and it’s riding
Along the words we speak
So there’s no use in hiding
The desire we both seek.
But there’s a way and ti-me
For everything we do
And there is no cri-me
In what we’re going through.
But I just cannot let
Emotions rule my world
Because of the effect
It has on this sweet girl.
So bide your time, and wisely
For temptations will be strong
But if we don’t lie idly
Then we can do no wrong.
So don’t use the connection
For things we cannot bear
If we abuse the power
The(n) ‘us’ will not be there.
I’ve got to let the new-ness
of meeting you assuage
cuz we’re focused on the wrong thing
in this dire day and age.
Don’t let these words alarm you
Because I love you so
But if this doesn’t stop soon…
I’ll have to let you go.

So don’t let the connection
We feel dismiss our goal
Of warning every sin-ner,
Of saving every soul.

I pray that you would feel me
And not take this to heart.
Cuz when we’re not together
It means that we’re apart