So, I guess it’s a good thing that my ministry is doing a series about relationship expectations. But, man, I don’t know how to do this. I just expect certain things from people. I think that they’re pretty basic, but everyone grew up with a different set of rules.

I just am shocked by the lack of respect people have for themselves, others, and property not their own.

It just amazes me that there is so little respect in my generation, and I severely dislike it.

I was recently in a semi-professional meeting, and at the end, one of the participants laid down…okay. But then they put their shoes on the chair.

I don’t know how many variations of this there are, but I have heard from a great many people that you never put your shoes on furniture. Your feet, yes, but shoes, no. Feet even have furniture, it’s called an ottoman. There IS a reason that there are separate pieces of furniture for feet and bottoms.

I was also schooled that we should treat another person’s property how we would like ours to be treated, and this works well in most situations. I would be quite taken aback if someone came over to my home and put their shoes on my couch! So I would never go anywhere and place my shoes on furniture belonging to someone else.

I was so unsure of cultural differences and customs that I conducted a poll. I tried to get a small sample from each socioeconomic status. I randomly called people and asked them, “If there is no precedence, is it ever appropriate to put you shoes (with your feet inside) on a piece of furniture not belonging to you.”

All but 2 answers agreed that it was never appropriate to place your shoes on any piece of furniture.

The other 2 responses:
Joel- If they had a really disgusting house.
Brad- If they had just cleaned the floor.

To me, this is part of basic social etiquette. So, for all the 20 somethings and below out there:

Keep your shoes off the furniture!