1. Someone pulling the fire alarm at my apartments. That alarm sounding for 2 hours.
  2. Being woken up, at 4:44am by the guys above me thumping like little bunny foo-foo.
  3. Finding an unknown liquid dripping from my SMOKE DETECTOR at 5:00am.
  4. Attempting to see why my ceiling is leaking and being confronted with: confused looks and a what I’m sure is a pretty plastered minor.
  5. Staying up at 5:15am, waiting for the maintenance men and security.
  6. Having only slept ~4 hours tonight and 3 hours last night.
  7. Actually LOOKING as if I need more sleep.

Oh, the joys of Christianity.

Addendum(edited at ~6:05am): Other things that are not funny.

  1. The guys from upstairs telling me they had no plumbing problems, and even invited me to come in and see for myself. I declined.
  2. At 6:00am, the maintenance man confirming that they had in fact stopped up their toilet and flooded the bathroom.

One thing that is funny:

  1. The maintenance man made them soak it up with their own towels.

Goodnight and Good Riddance.