I had such a great time celebrating with the best people tonight!

We went to Applebee’s and had a blast.

Those who went were:
Arthur, Alyssa, Quentyn, Derek, Susan, Ross, Grace, Roberto, Joel, Afrika, Lashad, Rajat, Kelsey, Josh, me, Justin, Niegel, Dena, and I think one or two others.

We had a cute waiter who kept winking at everyone, but was good otherwise.

The food was great and I have leftovers. Susan paid for my food.

I had 2 drinks: a Main Street margarita and a Jack and Coke (first whiskey ever). I only paid for one drink.

I laughed a lot. Susan laughed at me a lot.

I got to hold a baby in the bathroom.

I got a free birthday sundae.

I am blessed to have wonderful people to share my life with. Thank you, Lord, for these precious gifts. I love them all, amen.

I have had a wonderful week. I celebrated my birthday, literally, for a week.

And Shanna Miller is taking me to hang out after church tomorrow.