I am desperate, desperate, for more of You
and I can’t wait another day to see You move
how my heart is hungry for the chance
to sit at Your feet and feel Your presence
feel Your presence in the deepest part of me.

Sometimes, sometimes I feel so desperate for a touch from my Lord that I am near tears.
Sometimes, just the thought of Him is enough for my heart to beat irregularly.
Sometimes, I feel a great wave of emotion for no other reason than His existence.
Sometimes, I feel like letting go, but don’t know how, and don;t know if I’ll regret it later.

Today, is one of those sometimes.
I feel like almost anything could bring me to tears right now.
I don’t know how much my ‘strong ‘ facade can take.
I’m not sure if I’ll lose it today.

God, I am desperate for You. I am desperate for You to do something in my life. I am desperate for you to take over, because I can’t lead this life on my own. Dad, I need you. During worship Sunday, you stood before me and I sang a song something like this to You Lord: “I remember, when you were with me. And then You left me, no, I left You. But I feel You now, please come back to me. I feel Your Presence-I need You. I need You. I need You. I need You.” That still holds true for me, Father, even now. You are my hope. I like the song: In You we live, Lord, In You we move. In You we breathe, and have our being.” How true, God. How true that all we are is because of You. That this chance at life is because of the sacrifice of your Son’s.
Hear our prayer
Spirit come.
How I long
for Your sweet touch.