Chapter 2: Who is Esther?

Esther was:

A captive

An orphan

Beautiful: lovely in both form and features-her physical traits AND how she held herself-form

There for at least 4 years!


full of favor from God-Hegai gave her 7 maids and the best room in the place!

(devout in her faith)

Obedient-to Mordecai, did not reveal her family background

Open to suggestions on how to improve-wore only what Hegai suggested, and it worked!

In good care: though her own parents were dead, she was obedient to the father God had provided her. He took care of her from childhood and walked, every day, back and forth to see how she was doing. 4 years!

Made queen-given a crown and a royal position

Honored by her king-even though he did not believe as she did, he honored her because of who she was

Given a great banquet and a holiday-it is likely that she appeared at the feast after the coronation, maybe receiving the praise of obedience where Vashti had taken the blot of disobedience

Humble-she gave credit to Mordecai

Still obedient to the father of her youth

Chapter 3: What we don’t want