I have been refreshed!

During the trip to Boston, I spent more time in my word than I have since. Not a good thing. So, of course, I’ve been tired. Felt like I was running on E a few times, in sleep, time and emotions.

But, at the ENCM Prayer Meeting from 5:30-6:30, I just focused on who God was, and trying to speak those words out loud (in one language or another).

Actually, I think my refreshing came before then. It was just Brandon and I, Johnny was usually there first, but this time it was the two of us. And it was all God’s doing. We got into the room and Brandon asked me how the trip to Boston went. Well, that lead me to say it had been great, which it was. Then he asked me why I had considered moving to Boston, and I told him I hadn’t. In my explaining, I told him the story and recounted what I had been going through about the Fishers deuce-ing out. He’s such a great listener. I think I may have taken advantage of that, talking longer than my turn should have allowed.

Then he told me about what had been going on with him. As he did, I realized that he had matured while I wasn’t looking. That Brandon had grown so much, in a short time, and maybe in ways he hadn’t even realized yet. But, he’s an awesome kid, and I’m glad God let us know each other.

Having someone to sit and talk with, with no distractions, no danger of interruption, even no action you would rather be performing was beautiful. As we talked, I remember thinking how great it was to just sit and talk with my brother, with no ulterior motives from either of us, to hear and be heard. I love the brotherhood of believers, and I thank all of those who submit and serve it.

Then, we had a great prayer meeting. I pushed for some simplifying, and compromised when Johnny pushed to have some things on the board. He was the spiritual authority at the time, he kind of runs the prayer meetings in lieu of Donny, so I practiced obedience. But, it was great. At the core, from beginning to end, there was me, Brandon, Melanie, Johnny, Laura. Others, Conrad, Dave, Rajat, Amber, Elizabeth, Derek all came and went at different times.

Johnny had all of us take a few minutes (5 he said, but it only felt like 2 at most) and get into God’s presence. That was great. I want to practice that more. Of just saying what He is, Him giving me pictures and ideas and words to help me understand that part of Him, and then leaning into Him more and more from there.

Afterward, Dena and I had accountability and she had had a vision for me. It was a flower on a hill, with nothing else around it, almost cartoonish. And there was a bucket watering the flower. She thought it was for her, but the words I told her God said to me confirmed that it was for me, instead. Thanks, Lord.

Anyway, back to the vision. Flower alone on a hill, water bucket watering it. These were the words that were either said of somehow conveyed: I planted you. You’re beautiful. I will water you. I will make sure you grow. Don’t be scared.

At the end of the prayer meeting, Brandon said that we should all take a minute and see what God had to say to each of us. Here’s what I got, and what I told Dena I had heard God say:


That, I should ‘Hold Steady.’
That what we (God and I) had, was sacred.
That I was safe.

What a great evening.

ENCM had more attendees than I expected by a long shot. People filled out their waivers for Campus Harvest. I am able to have great conversations without any feelings or awkwardness with one of my brothers. I’m finally enjoying this stage of life. I have only a little time left. I love this place. And I will miss it dearly.

*Finally, a real blog. Sorry it took me so long.