In the shower this morning, and God asks, “Are you ready for another vision?”

Surprised, I said ‘Yes.’

This, then, is what I saw and heard:

I am standing in a palace, the doors have been opened, and I am looking out of them.
There is a long, wide field of knee-high green grass, swaying in the breeze. It was so very peaceful.
Slicing it’s way through the grass is a white horse and its rider, male.
He comes to me, and hands me a scroll. It is a message. I open it, while he stands and waits.
The message reads: Your people are at war. They are surrounded on all of their borders and the enemy is attacking them at will.
The rider turns his horse around and begins to race away.
I yell after him, ‘Where are you going?”
Looking behind him as he rides away, he replies, “To where but war?”

What I got from that:

  • That’s why I read Esther this morning!
  • It is okay to enjoy peacefulness, but not while there is fighting to be done. How can I rest in peaceful country while my people are at war.
  • Every soldier is needed, which is why the rider did not wait for me to make a decision. He was rushing off to join the glorious fight.
  • Am I fighting today? Or am I taking my solace at the expense of someone who does not know the Christ, and is losing the fight?

I will fight. I will join the battle. For the Prince of Peace is always with me. My rest is portable.

“But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.” -Hebrews 10:39