Today was Aletheia Boston’s first Preview Service.

I was not present to listen to Adam’s service, but was able to serve with the kids.

We learned about God’s first day of creation. Our memory verse was: God created day, light and dark, and it was good. We read a short lesson, and did two crafts to emphasis the point. The kids glued yellow or black paper onto squares labeled with ‘Light’ or ‘Dark.’ Then they colored pictures of the Solar system (the teachers had a bit of a tough time remembering the order of planets-Ben did an excellent job of redeeming the older folks in the room).

And, I must say: What a Pleasure!

I had such a great time with the children today. We had snack. We discussed the truth of God’s Creation. We spoke kindly to each other. We spoke truthfully to each other. The parents of Aletheia are doing a fantastic job of raising their children in the Truth. And it reflects when Mom and Dad are not around.

But even if there would have been a Goldfish smashing extravaganza, a massive glue eating contest, and a lesson that took physical restraint to get through, God would still have been glorified. Christ would still have been preached. Children will still have been a joy.

See, I came with expectation, as Adam told me to, and I took a little time to pray for the service. And God does not disappoint. God promises many things, but the greatest, outside of undeserved salvation, is that He hears us. And not only that He hears, but that He RESPONDS!

What a great God. What an awesome God. Who am I that He gives two hoots?

Being with the kids today was a pleasure. Being with family today was a pleasure. Being a child of the light is a pleasure.

Thank you to the parents of Aletheia Boston. Thank you for fighting for your marriages, for your children, for the advancement of the Gospel. Your children are a blessing to the workers. Your hard work, your dedication, your discipline in training your children are noticed and appreciated.

So, what a pleasure. What a pleasure, to know and love your children.

Thank you.