Hey there!

How’s it going? It’s been quite a while since I really gave an update.

Two weeks and two days ago I arrived in Boston…well, a suburb of it at least.
Since then I have had an interview, two TB tests, and some organic food.
I have built a dresser all by my lonesome, wandered around Harvard, MIT and the Charles River.
I have made my first big subway mistake, a great batch of cookies (with Mel’s help), and a new friend or two.

And through it all, I am still convinced that God is more than faithful. He’s more than I need. He’s also much more detail oriented than I am and I should get over it and let Him do what He does best: create masterpieces.

If I allow it, He will make a masterpiece out of the nearly self-destroyed canvas that I was. I was a real piece of work. So glad He can work a real piece.

Because He’s not some high and lofty God that refuses to get His hands dirty. No, he came, and he lived like me. Better yet, He lived without half of the comforts I consider routine. Willingly. And if He can make old school scruffy beard, dirty feet and pierced flesh look good, then my mess should be a cinch. My God gets it because he, literally, got in it. How unorthodox to subject yourself to your own creation. To laws you thought up and set in motion but actually have no power over you unless you allow it. Madness!

I serve a mad, detail-oriented, intensely focused God. He did literally everything I couldn’t. Praise God for His provision.

I’m glad He’s my Dad.