How awesome! I had let my passion for Christ become swallowed, overpowered, eroded, whatever, by everything else!

But, how faithful is my God!? 2 Timothy says that even if we are faithless he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself. AAAAHHHH!!!

The passion is growing again. How can a starving man thrive? Duh. This is so exciting.

I forgot. I forgot who I was. I forgot who He is. I forgot that I was Dead. Worthless. Useless. Dirty. Selfish. Insecure.

He loves. He loves. He loves. He loves. Not did love, not will love, not old love. Constantly new love. His love never fails. So when I ignore Him, He never fails. When I choose a temporal god, He loves. And He loves without fail, without reserve, without mistake, without regret, without hesitation, without selfish motives. He loves.

Does that not make you crazy?

Create in me a clean heart, that I may worship You. I believe. Help my unbelief.