“C’mon, now, double play!”

“You throw like a girl.”

“Please don’t hit my car.”

“A couple more people and we could have a game.”

“She throws better than you. Look at that.”

The Sox showed off, with their opener a victory versus New York. And the city was alive with the love of the Game.

The comments came as Isaac and I were throwing a softball around to help break in my brand new glove. Complete strangers were heckling and encouraging, talking smack and throwing jokes while we tossed the ball in the Johnnie’s parking lot.

A black girl, a white guy, and a few baseball items were all it took to unite folks driving by. In Florida, we could have thrown for hours, with no other comments beside the third one on the list, (I know you had to look at it, so did I) and a bunch of them.

But, man, these people love their Ball. It was great to get to see that, to see some of the life of the city show itself. The longer I’m here, the more I experience, the harder it’s going to make it to leave this great, great city.

For the love of Boston, Christ came…