Hi! My name is Boston Found. (pause) I am prone to over-preparing.

I like being prepared. Whether that means buying groceries not on my list, getting the lowdown on a professor before the semester begins, or double-checking the water level in my humidifier, I like being prepared.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sorry about this, by any stretch of the imagination, but I am aware that others are not used to this.

The good news is, I’m beginning EMT-Basic training in less than 2 weeks! (13 days. I’m so ready.) But I know that being ready excitement wise is not the same as actually being prepared. So…I checked out a copy of an EMT-B textbook from my nearest (not really, 45 minute commute away) library. I don’t know if it is the textbook we will use, they will give us our books on the first day of class, but the material should be nearly identical. How much can change about how to bandage a protruding object or childbirth protocols? I checked it out yesterday and last night I read the first chapter…and made flashcards. Tonight, on to the beginning of chapter 2, flashcards to come.

And really, I am so excited. I never imagined myself in an ambulance. I can’t even think about what the daily life looks like. Wow. But hey, what do I know? God knows my abilities because He created me. He’s always right. No matter the call, no matter the patient, God is always righteous. May His mercy grace us all. (You see what I did there? You like how I did that? ‘Cause grace and mercy are different…You see it.)