Tonight is the night! Yes, this evening I get to do something new! Something exciting! Something that could change lives for the better.

Red white and blue light crew

is it me? is it you?
who is on the light life crew?
what do you see? what do you do?
when you’re on the life light crew?
isn’t there so much to do
so many things to process through
I wonder what it holds for you
when you’re on the light life crew
they’re not the proud
maybe not the few
but, really, do you know what they do
I mean, they are the life light crew
the ones you call when in arrest
and holding them close to your chest
that doors and windows will come through
who else but the light life crew
do you know who would try for you?
or better yet, stave off die for you?
so many things the team goes though
what team, oh yes, the life light crew
assess and manage is the call
to try and save not one but all
and to decide just what to do
after finding just a clue or two
tonight, the crew will be one more
as I will step off from the shore
and hope to help add one to two
this night, I aid the light life crew

And I am so PUMPED!!! It’s an overnight shift, so I stayed in bed extra late, I’m talking noon, here, which was pretty uncomfortable. I am packing snack-ums for the shift, but eating meals right before and after with Casey.

Captain Scarna (so glad he’s back from Italy, that was such a long, long week and a half) will meet us at Boston EMS Headquarters and drive us to our satellites at 10pm. Our shifts start at 11pm and go to 7am.

I have my stethoscope, my pants, my shirt, my snow boots (because they are waterproof and can be bleach soaked afterwards). I am taking flashcards, both with diagnoses on them, as well as blank ones to take notes on the calls.

I apologize for the awful grammar within my rhyming entry, but I will not edit it now: I have a ride-along to get ready for!

On my to-do list:
Spend time with Jesus
Prepare with a little studying
Pray some more
Pack my (food) bag and kit
Empty my wallet of all non-essentials
Prepare mentally
Not being so excited I miss steps