So much of what you said to me,
so many of your questions
have helped me dig and fight my way
through the strangest inflections.

So much of the who and why
have been uncovered by your doubt
that it’s as bad as I think
and I have no way out

You know, so many of your looks
have pushed me to dig in;
have made me shy away, at first,
then turn to search my kin.

There’s just so much that you don’t know.
So much that I won’t share;
not fully because you won’t get it
but because…you weren’t there

How can I explain the things I felt,
or the thoughts I used to have?
To someone with a different life,
who would have never crossed my path?

How can I expect you to share,
the fear I fear today?
And then, the more, then all the more,
still expect you to stay?

You know, you know, you know too much
and that I’d like to change
but, even though you know so much
In my presence you still hang.

‘You’ve lost it’ is the only chance
to explain the way you are.
And yet, the shovel in your hand
you still dig in my yard…