What’s happening here? Are you opening up to me?

And just like that, in that split second, I saw what you wanted to see.

A gentle girl so open, so bare to what would come.

A girl who knew no fear at all, with nothing to run from.

But run I did, and at full tilt, until my breath was spent.

Yet I look left and there you are, panting, just a bit.

So I stand still, cause in this race, you can more than keep up.

But I still can’t turn to you, let you come in to sup.

It was about a football game. A sport you know I love.

It wasn’t the deepest, darkest thing you have ever heard of.

But peeling back the layers, while a smile slowly spread

tipped me to your power, and I shut down instead.

How slyly you slipped in ST, how low down was my guard,

that the fence you claim to jump wasn’t even on the yard.

Now, how can you stand there? How patient have you been?

But nay, not now, no way, no how, can I still let you in.