“You flew away from everything.”
Oh yeah? Well, so do you.
Location doesn’t matter.
I ran? You’re running, too.

Just because your physical
is within driving miles,
doesn’t mean your mental
is there all the while.

I flew somewhere, but not away.
Away was not my goal.
And I’m sorry that it hurts you,
sorry down to my soul.

Yet that does not give you pardon.
That does not give you out.
In fact, no matter where I am,
we know what it’s about.

You cannot use the thing as such.
You cannot count it thine,
because, when worse comes to worse,
your pain also shall be mine

It’s not a crazy scenario,
not an unlikely scene,
that, if, no when, okay falls short
this won’t have sounded mean.

The selfishness will not change
just due to my location.
The problem was, the problem is,
your lack of motivation.