It’s easier to talk about you than it is to talk to him. Though, I am making some headway. It’s also a bit more fun to think about you and us than him and me. But, easier and more fun is not the way to a fulfilling life. If I only do the easy thing, I won’t get the accomplished feeling of completing a difficult task. Not that I’m against a few ‘gimmies’ every now and then, but you have to grab things in life as well. Donny said it was ‘Lambano.’ “To take what is one’s own.” Doing that requires both desire and effort.

Right now, I’m more lamb than lambano as far as that definition. But I will get there. Surely, I will get there. And maybe once I’m there, and I’m holding on for dear life, as I should…Well, I’ll leave that thought where it rests for now.

Here’s to the Greek of all things difficult.