When I hit downtown the thought of you hit me hard. There’s no response from my chest, my heart’s still too hard.

It’s absurd, and I know it. You’re not even here. But, you’re also not far. That thought aggravates my fear.

Two weeks, I was calm. Pushing these thoughts of you away. But now that we are again so close, they refuse to keep at bay.

And now, so soon, the year draws to a close. And I owe you some words, but they won’t be in prose.

You drive me nuts, kid. I don’t know where to begin. But I’ve gotta start somewhere, cause you’re under my skin.

I can smell you sometimes. In a whiff on the street. And my eyes wander slightly, but I stay on my feet.

You know, I’m scared to see you. It worries me, no lie. What will I say? Where go my hands? Can I look you in the eye?

These words are not perfect, they’re so just not right. I hate when words frustrate, maybe it’s the night.

I’m stopping for this time, I will take a rest. And maybe give pause to the ache in my chest.