Marry Me – by Train

This song gives me the most peculiar feeling. I can’t quite place it. It’s not sad or anxious or even jealous. But, what is it?

“Forever could never be long enough for me, to feel like I’ve had long enough with you.”

First of all, hats OFF to Train for this amazing line. Secondly: Whoa. Whoa. That is my response to this statement. How could forever not be long enough? It’s FOREVER. How much love (and like) must you have for someone for this to be true? Yet, listening to this, I know that is how God feels about me.

Say wha? Right.

He created each of us, intentionally, and His perfect will is to spend eternity with us. Eternity. Eternity! Is that not jaw-dropping to anyone else?

1. He meant to make me
2. He likes what He made
3. He wants to spend eternity with what His hands have made
4. He meant to make me
5. He MEANT to make me

That doesn’t astound you? Even a little bit? It. Blows. My. Mind.

“Together could never be close enough for me, to feel like I am close enough to you.”

Again, tip those hats. God is not satisfied to be outside of me? Not in the same room. Not in the same 3 feet. Not even standing shoulder to shoulder. Scripture says that Jesus desires for us to be one, as He and the Father are One. Not until He resides in the chambers of my heart is He close enough.

This song is incredibly romantic. Incredibly. And how lovely that the greatest romance this side of eternity, pales in comparison to the awe-inspiring, most daring, sacrificial, heart-wrenching romance ever written. And it was written by the hand above.

That same hand. That very same hand. Formed me. Before the Earth began. Before time started ticking. That hand, that mind, that heart, thought me up, and decided exactly where I would be. Every moment. Of every day. Of ever year. For my entire existence. He knew both the heartache I would bring myself. The heartache I would suffer at the hands of others. And the heartache I would cause Him. And yet, He made me. Joyfully. Lovingly. Intentionally. He made me. He created me. And He loves His creation.