You won’t give up on me. I still find this hard to believe. What about in year thirteen? Will it have been worth it? You say you’re in love with me. But, how strange does that seem? That the one who created me, still finds me worth it.

Yet you know why I scream. You know what’s wrong with me. You know the things I glean, and you still say worth it? Well, that I don’t understand. Explain  it to this, simple man. For words can’t make understand, the ways of your heart.

Please, don’t give up on me. Where can I go from thee? And what things can make me see, that you are worth it? I want to take your hand. I want to know you understand. And when I am sad and bland, I’ll know it’s still worth it.

I know we do this every time. I know the pattern of my mind. I know that one way to find, is to ask if I’m worth it. I need to know you care. I just gotta feel you there. When you turn I can’t be scared. Gotta know I’m worth it.

So, please, don’t give up on me. Don’t ever let me see, that you took a chance on me…and found me not worth it.