My phone rang, late last night. And your name lit up my screen. Should I answer? Stutter. Stop. Too late, the face wiped clean.

Then a voicemail. Listen close. No feeling in your tone. Should I call back? Test a text? ‘No way,’ my heart bemoans.

Congratulations. Number fact. You did well, my dear. Give a buzz, if you like. No velvet in my ear.

I thought I said I’d let you know. In fact, of it I’m sure. Then, why, so subtly, you try, to draw me to your lure?

An outline. I could give to you. A ‘fast five facts’ or two. Not sure that you would give it heed. You’d do what you wanted to.

Then, how now, should I proceed. Carefully, no doubt. Though the answer hasn’t changed, I still must have an out.