Is it possible to run in place
Fathomable to not give chase
Likely as not to just stand still
Will that yield as high a thrill

See, running has halted
my truth I have salted
But covering is new
It ignores needing you

Hmm, what for wallowing
Keeps me from grace swallowing
Allowing time for ideas to fester
my response as from a jester

Giving wholly is too new
too much of what I couldn’t do
And why the risk, all to near
of being made the thing I fear

Don’t you know I cower there
Under smile and curly hair
Behind grin and joke retold
isn’t the one you thought so bold

And now, oh now, that you know
it shan’t surprise if you don’t show
Just back away, don’t turn to drug
I can’t permit goodbye and hug

Advantage of me, you won’t take
there’s so much more than I at stake
How can you breathe that you will stand
How futile are your feet on land

The cost is far too great, too lofty
for a voice that trembles softly
A roar the voice box must sustain
to keep safe the silent flame

How warily you have been eyed
How haughtily you show your pride
Are you to have a fruit as such?
It’s underfoot. You strove too much.