I don’t see why not. Okay, I do. I just don’t care. Why can’t I have it over here? I did it over there. Okay, that’s not true. I obey, typically. But what’s so wrong with allowing us to…Oh, fine. I’ll heed. Don’t worry, I’ll bow. Your image will not be smeared. But know that I hate it, the rank of distaste that I’ve grown to know all these years. What’s the worst that could happen? No, I mean literally. Something could come up, binding us as We. So what? That’s the worst? He could leave. Like that’s new. I can count on one hand those that haven’t left: You.

And I’m still kind of wary, of where your goals lie. It’s not like I can just look you in the eye. Why can I not try? It may explode in my face. Well, again, nothing new. I’m used to disgrace. I want to be sure you’re weighing your choices. That every option has access to voices. You say it can’t happen. You say there’s no how. Well, alright, I’ll listen. At least, for right now.