Hey, good-looking.

Alright, now that the awkward silence is broken. Phew!

So, update? Hold on to your britches.

That person that’s had me in sorts lately is gone. Yeah. He was a blast. But he wasn’t my blast. I’ve apologized more times than I maybe should have, not that I’m counting (carry the 3…) and expected more than I had the right to. But, things are calm now. Having something just because I want it does not a happy Lexi make. There is wisdom in discretion. (insert wise saying about valor)

So, allllll of those blog posts to say: this is why I am not in charge of the universe.

Health-wise: Ba-humbug. If they (all of my lovely, stumped medical professionals) figure it out I will let you know. It seems to get better and then take a week to do whatever it pleases. Booooooo!

Work. I still like my job. I am competent in it, liked by my colleagues and enjoy the flexibility. That being said, SO MANY of my EMT friends have found positions at companies and the jealousy is too much to resist. Hoping I can get (and stay) on my feet physically so that I can continue to prepare to heft people of all ages, sizes and colors to their nearest appropriate emergency room.

Relationally. Weeeelllllll. I’m not really ready to go there yet, in many ways. Some things are changing and I can’t say whether they mean anything, but I can say this: I am not a fan. I can’t handle people.

So glad it was a nice day here today! Hopefully this weekend is nice, too. Why?

On account of: I turned a year older and am dragging folks to a nearby island to celebrate with me. You’re totally invited. It’s in the mail.

Well, that’ll do for now. Thanks for reading.