I want to go on a date. I want to go out. Have fun. Laugh. Drink something I haven’t paid for.

I want to be reminded I’m pretty. Have someone confide in me. Enjoy another appreciating my company.

Really. Really. I do.

I don’t expect a proposal, or even a confession of undying love. I just want to go out.

Any takers?

Not really, that’s not my style. But it is something that is easy to get used to.

I guess it seems that no one desires my company lately. Maybe that’s just what I’m realizing. Even the one whose company I would love to be in seems distracted lately. But, “I am desirable. The King has chosen me for his own.” Yet, I don’t feel it from elsewhere. I ‘get’ that we should be content with only His attention, but He didn’t make us that way. Heck, I’ll even just hang with another lady.

I guess I’m just feeling lonely. Is this what 2* (like I’m telling you my age) is all about? New families starting and old friendships drawing to a close. Cause if so: no deal. I want my early 20s back. When people had time for me and I had time to kill. Where can I go where relationships are consistent? If this life is only heartache and change, I’ve had enough.

How will this play out?