I guess I’m feeling lonely

I think that’s what this is

I ruminate that this stalemate

was brought on by a kiss

a hunger lives inside me

one I haven’t yet quenched

and I fight to keep off jealousy

it carries such a stench

but how can I be silent

what power must give in

that I can’t tell the one I think

exactly what’s within

perhaps it is too hazy

too ambiguous a mist

and maybe what I feel I need

was brought on by a fist

how terribly it haunts me

quite breathtaking it is

that when I think of, think of

there’s always the what if

how can you stand there idly

what blindness has befell

that there is none who stands alone

whose passion has no quell

the life I saw in eyes quite bright

and happy, late-night trysts

is not without a freedom fall

I scarcely, barely missed