I get overwhelmed and I run
Running’s my jump of the gun

I fly over hedges and cut through backyards
I bang into fences and scrape my arms hard

There’s breath going from me
the kind I can’t catch
And it’s slowly escaping
through its release hatch

I race to the place where I’m safe when I rhyme
Where the pace is the pace, though it’s double time

My eyes get quite heavy, when I hear the doldrums
and my lips shyly part for the coke and the rum

It scares me to think
that this anger you feel
is not a past token
but a thing that is real

So I take off for the bushes, as far as they are
Let the wind blow about me, dodge from a car

Tumble through trenches of tethered truth tales
Roll along rivers with banks of pure nails

I flee when I see you
cut open and bare
Cringe when the truth
slams me like cold air

Then I’m off like a rocket, can’t stand to stand still
When your fury defeats me, it’s no fun when it’s real

I run in the direction that you will not go
I run til the run makes me run til I slow.

And carefully, painfully
Me eyes open still
to the past that you have
that won’t bow to my will

And the terror is solid, can be felt in the dark
And I shrink from the thought of it, hiding my heart

How can you ask simply to trust with my all
When physically, mentally, you still bear the Fall?